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0:00 Title screen: all models
0:03 Master Chief reload animation (hand keyed)
0:08 Master Chief boarding Shade Turret (hand keyed)
0:10 Marine boarding Pelican (hand keyed)
0:15 Crawler attacks (hand keyed)
0:17 Promethean Weapon assembly and action sets (hand keyed)
0:38 Halo Enemy animations (hand keyed)
0:41 Marine talking headset animation (mocap clean up)
0:45 Knights, Hunters, Grunt (hand keyed)
0:57 Amazon Lumberyard Demo robot animations (hand keyed)
1:06 Elf vs Orc combat melee (mocap clean up)
1:13 Justice League Heroes gameplay montage (hand keyed)
1:19 Cortana and Spartan Miller PIP animations (mocap cleanup)

0:00 Airwolf helicopter test animation
0:17 Autobot Warpath tank and tread animation
0:26 Transformers Devastator full mechanical realization
0:29 Covenant Beam Rifle overheat
0:32 Promethean Suppressor assembly
0:34 Promethean Binary Rifle assembly
0:36 Promethean Incineration Cannon assembly
0:39 Transformers spot ft. original voice actor Dan Gilvezan

3D Modeling Sampler:
Megatron (hard surface model, low poly model, PBR)
F-18 Super Hornet (low poly model, PBR from hard surface)
F-15 Decepticon Seeker Squadron (low poly model, PBR from hard surface)
Robot for Lumberyard (low poly model, PBR from hard surface)
The Mini Chief CG (low poly model, PBR from hard surface)
Ford Mustang GT
Pistol (low poly model, PBR from hard surface)
Optimus Prime
Firefly from GI Joe
Voltron (Cyber City Con promo)
Bumblebee (Dan Gilvezan showcase)

First pass AR/MR proof of concept for
social media campaign
Alamo City Comic Con and Cyber City Con 2018
Work in Progress

Images copyright Randall Ng 1995-2018.